Baby City/Toy City Kids and toys
Bbelisimo clothes Clothing, footwear
Berry&Fruit Food and drinks
Bookshop “Pegasas” Books and stationery
Buboo Clothing, footwear
Caif cafe Restaurants / Сafes
Camelia vaistinė Beauty goods
CASCADA Beauty goods
Čili pizza Restaurants / Сafes
Crustum kepyklėlė Restaurants / Сafes
Delta durys Homeware and electrical goods
DPD self-service parcel terminal Services
Elektromarkt Homeware and electrical goods
Eurokos Beauty goods
Florisima Services
Fotoblikas - photo lab Services
Garmin Sports and leisure goods
GERA AURA Gifts and accessories
GERA DOVANA Gifts and accessories
Gerduva Homeware and electrical goods
GIVEN Gifts and accessories
Grožio salonas,, Buržua“ Services
Jysk Homeware and electrical goods
Kamėja Gifts and accessories
Kika Goods and services for pets
Krinona Homeware and electrical goods
Laisvalaikio Dovanos Gifts and accessories
Linos Artelės siuvykla Services
McCafé® Restaurants / Сafes
McDonald's® Restaurants / Сafes
McDrive Restaurants / Сafes
METALO AMŽIUS Homeware and electrical goods
Mobili linija Gifts and accessories
Mobistyle Gifts and accessories
OCDECO Clothing, footwear
Omniva parcel machine Services
Optikos pasaulis Services
Parfumart Beauty goods
Paulini švaros namai Services
PERI PERI Restaurants / Сafes
PetCity Goods and services for pets
Petcity klinika Goods and services for pets
Ponas balionas Gifts and accessories
Pušku Pušku Homeware and electrical goods
Raktų dirbtuvė Services
Rimi Food and drinks
Senukai Homeware and electrical goods
Skonis ir kvapas Food and drinks
SportsDirect.com Sports and leisure goods
Sushi sushi Restaurants / Сafes
Tare collector Services
Top Exchange currency exchange Services
Top shop Homeware and electrical goods
TravelTuras travel agency Services
VENIPAK Services
Vilniaus alus Food and drinks
Vilniaus Juvelyrika Gifts and accessories
Vynoteka Food and drinks
Woll Homeware and electrical goods
XS Žaislai Kids and toys